Theft. Whether it’s inside or outside of the company, it’s always painful.

The store owner wearily rubbed a hand over his face.Just yesterday he’d found a few items missing from the shelves. A few weeks before that, he’d noticed a sizable change in the cash drawer count.

One question had been on his mind for weeks. How could he watch the numbers to ensure that theft wouldn’t make its mark on his business?

Are you having similar problems? Or do you simply want to protect your store against theft?

Here’s four ways Paladin POS helps to prevent theft in your store:

1. Logging

By logging the sales, returns, and voided transactions, Paladin POS leaves a trail that tracks every deal. With this history of purchases, it is easy to follow the paper trail. You can spot discrepancies and problems quickly and easily.

2. Reporting

There are a myriad of reports Paladin POS generates. Not only are the rises and falls of profit recorded, but the reports also include shrinkage. The system keeps track of every transaction through logging and shows the reports to the owner.

Carefully keeping track of store numbers is one of the ways theft can be spotted and stopped.

3. Login Controls

Another way Paladin POS helps prevent theft is by limiting access to the system. The login controls are monitored by the owner and can be changed whenever necessary. Having control over the permissions, limits what employees can do within the system.

With limited access and carefully monitored logins, thievery is discouraged.

4. Opening the Cash Drawer

You know that typical robbery scene where the thief demands all the money in the cash drawer? Paladin POS helps discourage thieves by securing the cash in the drawer. A Paladin feature controls the drawer, limiting access.

This leaves fewer opportunities for a robber to drop by and empty the drawer.

Preventing Theft

It is through being watchful and reporting trends of theft that thievery is prevented. Paladin POS gives you a history of information (such as sales and shrinkage), limits employee and public access to the system, and controls when the cash drawer opens.

Various deterrents keep theft as low as possible and your store as safe as possible.