Our nation has been plagued with a variety of natural disasters over this past summer. 

Hurricane season landed hard on Texas and Florida. 160 mph winds were followed by severe flooding. Countless homes and businesses were destroyed. Reports of the potential devastation sent people scrambling for higher ground or to find space in shelters until it was safe to return to what was left of their lives. 

Wildfires burned for weeks throughout the Pacific Northwest charring millions of acres of forest. Smoke blanketed the region causing residents to limit their outdoor activities during most of the summer. Many potential visitors sought out other vacation destinations. Without trees and other vegetation to hold the soil in place on nearby hillsides, state and local officials are bracing for damage to cities and roads from mudslides as the rainy season approaches. 

It’s heart-wrenching to see people’s lives completely upended by disasters, natural or otherwise. As a company dedicated to supporting independently-owned businesses, we always hope that retail stores impacted by disasters, like the ones witnessed this summer, have a reliable plan in place to back up their point of sale data.

As business owners start the recovery process, insurance companies will want accurate records of inventory in order to settle claims for merchandise that was lost. Records of accounts receivable will allow the business to recover the money it’s owed as it rebuilds. 

Doing your own backups to protect your data is part of your financial responsibility to your business. Once it becomes a regular part of  our closing routine, a daily backup will become a habit like turning off the lights and locking your doors at the end of the day. To learn  more about the manual backup process, visit the customer portal or contact Technical Support. 

If the idea of having more to do as your trying to head home has no appeal, Paladin’s Datawise™ can automatically create a master copy of your database in the cloud. Your master copy is updated hourly to ensure you always have a recent backup. You’ll still need to do a manual backup once a month, but we’ll take care of the rest. 

Should you ever need a copy of your data, our technical team is there to help. We’ll help get you back in business. To find out more about DataWise, click below, or call 541-706-9553 and talk to a backup specialist.

George Maginnis