Customer interaction is essential for running a successful business.  Every comment and question is valuable to us as we update our system to save you time and money.  If you have suggestions that improve your experience with Paladin, we would love to know.

Paladin offers a simple experience that will improve your store’s operations.  The following article contains common questions we frequently receive from stores considering using Paladin Point of Sale.  We enjoy seeing this kind of feedback!  Please leave a question or comment for us at the end of the article.

How frequently does Paladin raise support and subscription fees?

The last version of our previous DOS package was released in 1990, and those prices held until the package was retired in 2005.  The Windows version started in 2005 (and the pricing model to go along with it), and Paladin did change a couple of prices last year.  We lowered them.

Paladin’s Windows pricing model is based on subscriptions paid through bank draft / ACH (i.e. no cost to either of us).  With the use of credit cards increasing, there is the possibility of a 3-5% increase in subscriptions paid by credit cards somewhere in the future.

How frequently must servers be restarted?

Paladin would like to see multi-store severs restarted every six months.  These are extremely durable dedicated platforms running Server operating systems that don’t require normal restarts.

In the case of single store servers, these are not dedicated servers, and we have no control over what personal use software has been loaded into these machines.  It is normal that these machines automatically reboot each night.

Is there an issue with networked printers?

There are no issues for Paladin Point of Sale with networked printers, with one caveat.  Occasionally, a MASSIVE print job will be sent to a network printer and Paladin customer service then receives a support ticket about “some of my report was lost.”

Printers have a small amount of memory – enough for any ‘normal’ print job passed to them.  When the print job is larger than the printer’s memory, something has to spool and manage the data.  When a printer is connected to a Windows PC, this task is handled by Windows.  If the printer is connected to the network, there is no print spooling ability, and if a print job overruns the printer’s memory the printing can disappear into cyberspace.  In our office, we use network printers extensively and the two (huge) machines that handle big print jobs have internal hard drives and operating systems to solve this very issue.

If your month-end statement printer is a network printer, then a simple, fast, and cheap solution exists.  The Lexmark printers Paladin Data supplies allow dual inputs.  Use the network connection for all users except the statement process.  In this situation, use the dual input to connect to the PC via a USB cable.  The issue can be solved for less than $20.00.

I’m interested in an all-in-one credit/debit card – signature capture device.  Store space is limited, so a single device is preferred.

Paladin understands the importance of all-in-one devices in some stores.  A new level of encryption technology has been mandated for PCI security standards and we’re working on integrating the new equipment into Paladin Point of Sale and will be released shortly.

We’d Love to Hear from You!

Our Paladin team is always available to answer your questions.  If you can think of a way to improve your point of sale experience, let us know by leaving a comment below!  We would love to hear from you! If you want to talk with someone from our team, give us a call at 1-800-725-2346.