There’s nothing more frustrating than when nothing goes your way. The ground crumbles beneath you, and it gets real difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually control your store and avoid that kind of horror? How amazing would it be if you could dig your fingers into the whole system and mold it to your specifications?

Store management doesn’t have to be difficult. A lot of difficulties come from complicated procedures that can easily be automated by a capable POS system. With Paladin POS you can control your cash drawer, automate complicated procedures, and manage your inventory efficiently. Every store is unique. The best way to rise above the competition is to have the store that’s efficient and appealing to the public.

So, is there a way to manage your store with a new kind of efficiency and simplicity?

Simplify Your Store

Your Paladin POS system provides a simple way for you to control your store. With a user-friendly, easy-to-run system, there’s no need to worry about getting everything done. Paladin lets you control your store by automating tasks that soak up your time. Let Paladin POS take care of menial tasks so you have time to manage the rest of your store.

Everything in Paladin POS is influenced by your needs, right down when to the cash drawer opens. We make store management easy, giving you more time to focus on your customers.

Paladin POS simplifies your store with:

  • Reports to help manage your inventory and customers
  • Stock transfer to control your inventory in multiple stores
  • Specific payment types (trigger events) to open cash drawers and prevent theft
  • Rewards programs to inspire customer loyalty
  • Market Driven Inventory Management™ to keep your shelves stocked without overstocking

Manage Your Inventory

One of the best ways to manage your shelves and customers efficiently is to have a good grip on inventory. How does Paladin POS help you regulate your inventory?

First, you can control the manufacturer’s part numbers. You can change the numbers, write your own reports, and configure your system to your business. Paladin makes everything easier by automating tasks so you can maintain and run your store.

If you run multiple stores, we offer a multi-store product transfer. With this feature you can review all of your stores’ stock on hand and transfer surplus stock easily. This gives you the ability to manage your inventory in multiple stores at once, not just one.

Next, there are reports. Paladin gives you a bird’s eye view of which items are dragging your store down and need to be removed. You can increase your revenue by changing what’s on your shelves and getting rid of those slow movers.

Paladin offers reports on:

  • Slow movers (the items that aren’t making you money)
  • Inventory investment
  • People who haven’t paid you
  • Performance analysis
  • Shrinkage
  • Overstock
  • ROI (return on investment)
  • And much more

To learn more about Paladin POS reports, click here or feel free to talk to our customer service representatives. Email us at or call us at 1-800-725-2346 for more information.

Control Your Cash

Controlling what’s on your shelves is one thing, but what about your cash drawer? It’s time to keep your money where it should be.

There are various ways Paladin prevents theft. By logging sales, returns, and voided transactions, Paladin POS leaves a trail that tracks every deal. Paladin keeps track of these transactions so you can spot discrepancies and problems quickly.

Keep an eye on your store’s progress while also preventing theft. Limit access to your Paladin POS system by putting up a customized login. The controls are monitored by the owner and can be changed whenever necessary. With carefully monitored logins, thievery is discouraged.

Another way to prevent theft is by securing your cash register. Your Paladin POS system has options that allow you to limit when the till opens. These trigger events (such as a large purchase being made, or cash-back transaction) can be personalized to your needs, giving you a secure way of controlling your cash drawer.

Boost Your Influence

You might be able to control what goes on within your store, but what about what goes on in the public world? It would be nice if all of your customers were walking advertisements for your store. Good news: they can be. You can boost the influence your store has on your customers. Many people enjoy having an exclusive bond with a company or individual. This is where loyalty programs come in.

Paladin offers many different rewards programs. Ace Rewards and Do It Best Rewards appeal to hardware stores, and Paladin’s very own My Rich Rewards is useful for any kind of business. By choosing a rewards program that is personalized for your store, you can give your customers a reason to return. There’s nothing like a few incentives to catch their attention.

When a customer receives a reward, it invokes a sense of reciprocity. They often return because they are part of a group; because they’re on your special list. A discount is a strong suggestion to make a purchase, and it often calls the customers to your door. 

Boosting your public influence is as simple as offering a card or keychain to your loyal shoppers. Let your loyal customers become walking advertisements for your store.

Simplify Management of Your Store

Are you interested in simplifying store management? We make it easy to govern your unique store and brand by offering a point of sale system that’s personalized for your business. Using Paladin POS helps you manage your inventory, prevent theft, and influence customers.

There is a way to automate menial tasks so you have more time to spend away from your computer screen. George and Judy of Burkshire Ace Hardware have gone from managing store data for 6 hours a day to about 6 hours a week. They now have more time to spend with their customers, and even went on a long vacation with all of their free time.

Paladin POS offers uncomplicated store management. Use a point of sale system that complements your business and simplifies all the complicated procedures that come with store management. For more tips and tricks, subscribe to the blog by entering your name and email in the boxes near the top of the page.