The life of a store owner is full of activity. Do the words “overstocking” and “costs” give you shivers? Many of us wrinkle our noses. If only there were a way to prevent everyone in the world from overstocking and purchasing slow movers. Paladin Point of Sale makes managing your inventory, costs, and margins simpler.

Using an intelligent point of sale system makes store management easy.


Do you spend hours walking down aisles finding the holes on your shelves? Or, worse yet, are you spotting overflowing shelves that no one has touched?

You can avoid over and under stocking by controlling your shelves and inventory. Our clients save thousands of dollars by using Paladin’s inventory management system, which suggests product orders that are beneficial to your store. Paladin Point of Sale has created a market-driven tool to manage your inventory

Every business investment is made with the intention of making money. Slow-moving items are a burden on your store, and usually have to be pushed off of your shelves with a sale. Those leftover Easter bunnies can really clog up the system. If you don’t sell a product regularly or often enough, it isn’t worth it. Paladin Point of Sale tracks these slow movers, letting you control your inventory and store efficiently.

Having more inventory than you can sell costs you money. Make smart decisions about your store’s inventory investments. If you’re interested in running a suggested order report, contact us at 1-800-725-2346.


You may be able to control your inventory, but what about the money you spend on your store? Spot slow movers and use the Paladin suggested order report to help you manage your inventory. Inventory is one of your biggest investments, and Paladin helps you choose items to fill your shelves. Save money by focusing on what you sell best.

Sometimes it feels like there’s a black hole in the bank account. Saving money is on everyone’s mind, and for good reasons! Another way to save money is through low-cost monthly payments. Don’t think about high upfront costs or long-term contracts that bind you to your POS system. Here at Paladin, we keep our customers in mind. Your point of sale system doesn’t have to be an investment risk. 

Manage your costs with Paladin Point of Sale where your inventory is steady, predictable, and market-driven to avoid over and under stocking.


Managing margins is a practice that was developed in the days before big box stores. In the beginning, all you needed to succeed in the retail business was a supplier that would sell your products. The better the margin was, the more money you made.

We’ve seen the dip in the economy, and competition has started up in even the smallest towns. Super stores are everywhere now!  These big box stores have a plan of attack: kill off all the small competitors with sales and low prices. Why? Well, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Stocking only as much as you can sell is the best way to ensure that you don’t pack your shelves with product that doesn’t sell. That’s right, no lawn mowers in the middle of snow season. Managing your inventory is an excellent plan, and so is controlling the margins of your products. So, what does Paladin do to help you control the margins on your products?

  • Minimum Allowable Margin sets a minimum margin, creating a specific margin for a product. That said product will not drop below a certain price while on your shelves.
  • Reference Margin is a direct control over your margins. If the possible gained margin is over $0, then the retail price is thrown out so you can make more profit. Your margin is recalculated based on the reference margin, and the part maintains the margin until it’s no longer needed. If the market price goes up, then so does your margin. If market price lowers, then so does your margin. The Reference Margin is directly linked to market and retail cost.
  • Only If Higher function applies to EDIs. It allows the prices to rise instead of fall with market prices – this ensures your prices won’t drop below your specified amount. This will make you more profit if the retailer’s prices drop and you continue to sell products at their original price.
  • Margin Master is a program that Paladin is fully integrated with. Margin Master edits your margins for you, sets them up, and then re-imports them into your POS system. This is a huge benefit for managing your inventory margins.

More Ways to Manage Your Store

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control your store easily, leaving you with more free time to enjoy your evening dinners? Avoid overstocking by controlling your inventory, and run store costs by using Paladin Point of Sale to manage margins.

Don’t let all the little tasks drag you down. Make store management easy. If you’re interested in using a simple, intuitive POS system for your store, give us a call at 1-800-725-2346.