Seven minutes. He had seven minutes to get to the airport and be ready for his flight. Traffic hadn’t been kind, and the terminal was busy, but he’d gotten to the right place.

Now, he stood and watched the other passengers who watched him in return. Vacation was going to be a much-appreciated break from the busy week. That action-packed week had brought in quite a few customers. The store had made more money that month than they had in a while. Things were really looking up, and it was a critical time of development for the store.

The only regret he had about this vacation was being unable to keep track of his store. He needed his computer to access the numbers on his point of sale (POS) system. Unfortunately, he couldn’t access anything while he was gone. Everything was back at home. It was hard getting away from the store, and he lamented not being able to keep track of everything while he was on vacation. It would make the week off much more restful if only he could keep track of the store without calling.

Access. So many of us wish we had a way to access certain aspects of our computers while we’re away. So many different touch screens and app-happy phones are being used that Paladin wanted to give you something to work with. Now, you can work away from home with mobile point of sale access to your Paladin system.

Paladin Mobile Access Lets You “Mind the Store” from Home or the Road

Paladin recently announced the launch of Mobile Access version 1.0, an innovative solution that lets store owners remotely access their Paladin Point of Sale system from a wide range of mobile devices. In turn, owners can closely monitor their store’s daily, monthly and annual financial performance—in real time and in great detail—from any location, near or far. Mobile Access 1.0 is expected to “go live” in Q2 and will initially be offered as an integrated feature of Paladin Point of Sale systems, included under a customer’s monthly subscription fee.

Getting Away While Staying in Touch

Dan Nesmith, Paladin’s founder and director of product development, explains one of the primary goals of Mobile Access. “Virtually all our customers run small, local businesses. They spend long hours at the store and often find it hard to get away,” says Nesmith. “Our goal is to help them carve out a few hours every week—to relax, be with family, visit suppliers and partners, or plan for the future of the business—while keeping a finger on the pulse of the store. Mobile Access solution lets them do that in a way that has never been possible before.” Mobile Access is a secure, browser-based solution that can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device, including smart phones and tablets, without requiring investment in additional hardware. A graphically based, dashboard-style display presents store information in a way that is attractive, straightforward and easy to understand. Users can access real-time inventory and sales data, comparative analysis of key business metrics and advancing and declining trend indicators.

The First Test: Impress the Boss

Nesmith, who travels frequently, looks forward to using Mobile POS Access to manage Paladin’s business. “It’s going to be an invaluable tool for us, which gives me confidence that our customers will embrace it too.” Mobile Access version 2.0, already in development, will further enhance the value of a Paladin solution by allowing stores to strengthen customer convenience, self-reliance and loyalty. Customers will be able to remotely access their accounts, invoices and statements within Paladin Point of Sale, make payments, and look up product details and pricing.


Seven minutes. Once more, he had seven minutes until his flight out. Traffic was still as busy as ever, and the airport was more frantic with activity than he’d thought possible. He stood beside the other passengers while waiting patiently for the gate to open.

His gaze moved to the clock. He was in no hurry. He thought about his store and  wondered how it was doing that day. This time it was a mere stutter in the flow of the day. There was no need to panic. Everything was at his fingertips. Now, instead of worrying about his company, he could track the company numbers while he was away.

Tugging the phone from his pocket, he pulled up Paladin Mobile Access. He could see his store’s data without touching his home computer. He relaxed. With Paladin Mobile Point of Sale Access, he could track the changes in his store’s logged numbers.

Convenience kept the vacation, and the day, moving smoothly.

Spring 2012 | Paladin Think POSitive Newsletter