You’ve seen them. Those little windows that creep onto your computer screen alerting you that another software update has been released for your computer. Those updates can be pretty important. Many are designed to repair security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers wanting to take your data, damage, or even hijack your computer. These updates are so important that the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requires they be installed within 30 days of release as part of PCI compliance.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the update process could be carried out after hours so downloading, installation, and computer restarts, wouldn’t get in the way of running your business?

Managed Updates™: Your nighttime update agent

That’s the idea behind Paladin’s Managed Updates™. The technicians here a Paladin have the ability to take over the entire update process and schedule all your updates after you close your doors and go home for the night.

Late-night download

Downloading updates to your computer during the business day can slow down your computer and put a burden on your network. This can cause credit card approvals to take longer than normal. Managed Updates™ will schedule downloads to take place after business hours when your network would normally be unused.

Automatic restart

Computer restarts are often required to complete the installation of updates. Restarts will be triggered at night once updates are installed. Computers are ready to go to work the following morning.

Trust, but verify

Before any updates are applied to your computer, our technicians install them on multiple test systems to ensure they don’t negatively affect the performance or stability of your computer or Paladin Point of Sale.

Not so fast!

Updates that don’t make the grade are blocked and prevented from installing on your system.

Hand off the responsibility of performing software updates. Go to Paladin’s Managed Updates™ web page for more information or contact Paladin’s technical support team for details.

Get rid of update related interruptions during the workday and time spent after hours installing updates yourself. Rest easier knowing that the updates applied have been tested to ensure they protect your computer without hurting performance.

By George Maginnis