Wouldn’t it be great if your computers were automatically maintained, backed-up, and protected from viruses, spyware, and malware?

Introducing Managed Services

Managed service providers, or MSP’s, use special software to pro-actively keep your computers and network healthy, and take immediate action if problems arise.

Prevention vs. Repair

Normally, when a computer quits working, you call a repair person, wait patiently for a technician, and get a hefty repair bill. This is the break/fix business model. With managed services, the MSP would access your network to make the repair or apply security patches, perform data back-up, update anti-virus software, perform routine maintenance, and other services, in the background.

What’s in it for me?

There are lots of advantages working with a MSP:

  • Reduced down-time
  • Fixed monthly cost for computer and network maintenance
  • Lowered risk of revenue and productivity losses
  • Peace of mind knowing your computers are monitored and maintained (by someone else!)
  • Costs stay fixed, too!

Many companies are transitioning to monthly subscription fees rather than a one-time upfront cost. Subscription pricing not only lowers cost, but also protects your cash flow. A properly monitored and maintained computer network will always outperform the alternative. In fact, the cost of maintaining your network and computers through managed services is generally lower, especially when you figure in the loss of revenue and productivity. A 2014 report by the NSBA points out the recovery cost from a cyber-attack averages $20,752 per attack.

Smoother Sailing

As business becomes more dependent on a computer infrastructure, why not give a specialist the responsibility of maintaining it? With computers and networks up-to-date and secure, store owners can put more focus on their business.

By George Maginnis