Have you ever felt trapped by old habits? In a retail business, the old way might work, but the world is changing. Become a more effective business by adapting to a new era of retail.

Paladin’s Business Alliance Executive, Charles Owen, has prepared an interesting presentation for you. The topic is: “Leading the charge in the new paradigm of retailing: Break away from old habits; It’s not Dad’s store anymore.” To view the PDF version of the presentation, click here: http://info.paladinpos.com/Orgill_SeminarFeb2014.pdf.

Below is a brief description.

This is the “age of information” and shoppers are smarter, have more choices, and are much more price savvy. The new paradigm in retail directly impacts our businesses, and in order to compete it is imperative that we understand the trends in today’s market.

Retailers must take action now or succumb to the price gouging from larger big box super stores. This seminar presents effective methods that hardware store owners and managers can use to meet the new retail paradigm head-on.  It will help to arm you with the necessary skills and services that can increase sales, raise profits and generate loyal customers in the new era of retail.