Executive Perspective 

The tools we use to run a modern retail store are amazing. Computers do more and do it faster than similar models did just a few years ago. Fortunately, prices remain consistent as performance continues to improve. We get more computing power for the dollar than ever.

Improvements in computer performance are driven by the increasing demands we place on these machines. As computers age, operating systems enlarge each time a new bug fix or security update is heaped on. Programs increase in size and complexity as new features are added. On top of that, there’s that mountain of data generated by retailers as merchandise is bought and resold to a growing number of customers.

The hardware inside your computer has a finite lifespan. Hard drives aren’t immortal. When they go, they can take your data with them. Waiting until the next crisis to upgrade your computers probably isn’t a good replacement policy. The risk is too great.

The best way we’ve found to maintain performance and reliability is to replace one machine every year and eliminate the oldest machine from your fleet. Replacing your computers on a rotating basis is a strategy that allows you keep your machines current while spreading the cost over a longer period. This is an excellent method for keeping your business running without interruption and maintaining good cash flow.

If you’re not sure which machines in your fleet need replacement, call Paladin’s technical support team. They can determine which machines running Paladin Point of Sale have some life in them and which ones are ready for retirement.

Charles Owen

Business Developer