Entrepreneurs, both those in business for generations and those just getting started, are facing a retail environment that is changing quicker than your inventory levels. Large retailers like Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s and Radio Shack combined have close thousands of storefronts over the past year as more shoppers choose to buy online. Staying at the forefront of eCommerce and marketing, is exactly why new and independent business owners need to develop active, customer-friendly websites.

It might be hard to believe in this era of rapidly expanding eCommerce, but a 2017 Clutch small business survey revealed that 29% of small businesses still don’t have a website, and of those, 21% still aren’t mobile friendly. With more and more customers searching for your business and services from their cell phones, mobile-friendly sites are a necessity.

The business benefits of an online presence are impossible to ignore. A web presence:

  • Expands marketing reach from a local customer base to a global one
  • Increases in-store foot traffic from search engine-generated customers
  • Makes customers aware of your business location, hours, et cetera
  • And is less costly than brick and mortar renovations and expansions

A website should also work for retailers. It should attract attention and seamlessly integrate with storefront sales. Paladin works with WooCommerce and Volusion to create spectacular websites that attract new customers and make sales and ordering easier. 

Getting noticed is half the battle, and Paladin can help you connect with customers in new ways. Website design and promotional emails are just two marketing services Paladin offers solutions to help you reach new customers and provide more personalized service to those you already have. Learn more on our BizServices page