Paladin has joined with Avalara to make taxes less taxing.

AvaTax by Avalara simplifies your tax obligations by combining real-time tax calculation and fully automated sales tax compliance for your business. AvaTax is based in the cloud, so with every change to tax laws or rates, your business is always collecting the right tax at the right time.

If you ship or deliver products, AvaTax uses the most current U.S. Postal Service approved address data to verify the delivery address before tax is calculated and ensure the sales tax calculation is correct. By constantly monitoring changes in 12,000 tax jurisdictions, you can be certain AvaTax will get it right every time.

AvaTax even keeps track of the sales tax you’ve collected by jurisdiction. When the time comes to file sales taxes, AvaTax can produce on-demand, up-to-date reports showing how much is owed to any city, county, or state where you do business.

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Paladin Point of Sale integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to streamline your accounting.

When you issue a purchase order, Paladin Point of Sale generates a Payables Transaction Entry in Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can quickly reconcile purchase orders with invoices, reduce keystroke errors, and increase accuracy in real-time cash forecasting.

When you use Paladin Point of Sale with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you get through the ordering process faster, with greater accuracy, and you’ll have the data you need to make the right decisions for your business.

By George Maginnis