What’s the golden rule for every business? Please the customer. No matter how firm your financial footing is, no matter how well you manage your inventory, people need to like your store. If people don’t like you, your business won’t be successful.

Since pleasing customers is such a cornerstone to a flourishing business, we made sure our POS system specifically focused on enhancing customer relations. Keep customers in your store by using a system that is convenient, easy-to-use, and intuitive.

Have the information when you need it

Paladin keeps track of each individual customer, and customer files can be accessed quickly and easily, even in the middle of a transaction. A customer file contains their sales history, contact information, account balances and totals, payment methods, and more.

Paladin makes customer management infinitely easier and creates a seamless front for your customers.

Quick and simple invoice screen

Time spent at the register with your customer is not quality time. A simple invoice screen makes transactions quick.  On hold quotes make business fast and efficient. Keep lines moving. Do as many transactions as possible.

You’re happy. Your customer’s happy.

No holes on your shelves

Have you ever walked into a store only to find that they were out of the item you wanted? They just lost a sale. Even worse, they may have lost a customer. It doesn’t stop there. They probably also just generated a bad report about their store. Negative news travels five times as fast as positive news. Not good.

That is why Paladin creates a suggested order report that is based on the sales history of each item. This ensures that you have the right items, in the right quantity, at the right time.

Surprise your customers

Customers expect you to have the item they need. Not only does Paladin help you meet that expectation, but it also enables you to surpass it. Paladin’s powerful inventory management system has saved our clients thousands of dollars.

This allows stores to expand their inventory to include new fresh items. Customers like new innovative products. If the customers like your products, they’ll like your store.

Gain customers and keep them with you

How do you keep a customer coming to your store? Make them happy. Keep your customer files on hand and easy to access, and use a screen that keeps things simple. Make sure your POS system works well for your store.