Every employee should love your store. When I say love, I mean go out of their way to treat customers right and bring in more business. No customer wants to be ignored by a grumpy employee, or brushed off by a rude representative. How do you find employees that love your store as much as you do?

It is tricky to hire people who fit your ideal employee mold. While it’s hard to find that perfect person, it’s possible to train others up in the way they should go. A loyal, inspired employee will have more to give to your business. Here are 8 ways to find and inspire workers truly love your store.

Find the Right Employees

Many business owners find themselves with the same complaint: that their employees don’t show enough enthusiasm for their business. “[Some employees] act like they don’t care,” says writer Darcie Harris.2 How do you get your workers to feel enthusiastic about your store? Here are 4 suggestions provided by Harris, a writer for Leading Women in Business.2

1. Talk about your expectations. When looking for staff members, be sure to give a specific set of expectations that come along with whatever position you’re trying to fill. Do you need someone who’s good with people and cheerful, or organized and detail oriented? When advertising for a position you need filled, state exactly what you need in a person.

2. Take your time with the interview. Be careful – ask questions that bring up the candidate’s real thoughts and opinions. Don’t rush through with general questions, but stop and ask about specific events. If you’re hiring for customer service, ask about how they would handle a busy day at the checkout stand.

3. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t fit. Darcie suggests listening to yourself if you have nagging doubts. It can be difficult to leave a position unfilled, but if they don’t fit the position, it isn’t worth the trouble. Keep looking for someone who’s a better fit.

4. Lay down the rules. Be specific when you give a potential employee a set of instructions. Tell them exactly how you want them to act around customers, or how to uphold the dress code. In Darcie Harris’ words – “if you expect employees to be cheerful under stress . . . tell them what that looks [and] sounds like.”

When looking for an employee, be sure to put up a notice on craigslist, your local job site, and your website. You’ll get more results if you also put up a flier or sign near your register.

Inspire Your Employees

According to Patricia Schaefer’s article “an inspired employee gives his or her all to their employer, and is constantly striving to be and do their best.”1 Do your workers look like zombies that shuffle their way about your store? (If so, I suggest supplying coffee in the break room immediately.) It’s time to inspire your employees and give them an extra push so they enjoy coming to work.

Money to pay the bills is a great inspiration, but once your employees have enough of it, they grow less satisfied. If they’re going to do a good job, they need to have meaningful work and be inspired to really go out of their way to perform well. Here are four ways that Patricia Schaefer suggested to inspire your workers.1

1. Start with yours truly. Promote the aspects you want to see in others by changing yourself. Are you looking for hard-working employees? Be a hard worker. It’s amazing to see how many people will be inspired by your leadership. Morale is a highly important piece of the workplace.

2. Share your purpose and goal with everyone. According to Schaefer, sharing this information will give your employees a sense of belonging in the big picture. Give your workers a purpose and goal, and they will become a bigger team player. What’s important to you becomes more important to them.

3. Focus on their strengths. Life is more fulfilling when you’re allowed to do the things you’re good at. If your employees are doing what they do best, they will be much happier in the workplace. To add to this, Shaefer suggested encouraging your employees’ opinions and ideas. Let their hard work lead to creative ideas and suggestions to improve the store.

4. Provide kudos. No, not the candied treats. Praise points! Everyone wants to feel appreciated. When an employer makes the effort to provide feedback and praise, an employee feels more valued. This is a huge encouragement! Do it as often and as genuinely as possible. This is easily done through a small card or conversation.

Find Employees That Fit

Do your employees love your store? Your workers should stand for your business, not just float by on paychecks. Find employees that fit your store by interviewing them clearly and not settling until you’ve found the right people. Inspire your current and future employees by focusing on goals and strengths, and by providing constructive criticism. Through selecting and inspiring your workers, you’ll find your store growing in strength and good customer service. Happy employees mean happy customers! Good luck with choosing and training respectable personnel.

Inspired by: 1Inspire Your Employees by Patricia Schaefer and  2Do Your Employees Really Care About Your Business? by Darcie Harris.