Unique knowledge is also useful when suggesting add-on items that will make the product perform better for the customer.

A guide for your new circular saw will improve accuracy when cutting plywood or other sheet goods. You’ll be able to cut straight and on your mark consistently which will save time and money and be less frustrating. Saw guides also improve safety by keeping the saw moving in a straight line, reducing the possibility of a dangerous kickback.

How do employees acquire unique knowledge? Sometimes people come to the job with prior experience using the products they sell. Training provided by other knowledgeable employees, managers, or manufacturers’ reps is a good way to bring everybody up to speed. They should be encouraged to use the products they sell or be able to purchase them at a reduced price.

Adding to an employee’s unique knowledge enhances the value of the employee, their interaction with customers, and very likely, the profits of almost every sale.

By George Maginnis