Upselling is a quick, easy way to fortify profits, and your employees are the front line troops to make it happen. Teach them how!

Knowing Your Audience

You don’t have to be a psychology major to read the people around you. Train your employees to be aware of customer body language and facial expressions. Are they closed off or open? Do they appear disinterested or engaged? With a bit of common sense, intuition and basic training, your employees can pinpoint tell-tale signs.

Knowing Your Product

The salesperson needs to understand the highlights of each product in order to know what to suggest and answer any questions. The upsell is usually a very brief interaction, so prepare your staff to give quick, confident responses.

Creating Opportunities

Striking up conversations and asking open-ended questions is a great way to create an opportunity to make suggestions. Employees need to be able to identify the right time to engage.

The Overall Interaction

  • Listen to the customer’s wants and needs.
  • Make well-timed, educated suggestions.
  • Portray confidence, pride, and enthusiasm in the product.
  • Be friendly, not pushy.
  • Keep the upsell to one or two products.
  • Don’t get discouraged by the answer “no”.

The Employee and the Trainer

Keep your eyes and ears open. Guide employees to draw on the personality traits that you hired them for! Show them what you expect by doing mock sales. With practice, they will develop their own spiel and approach, becoming upselling masters.

By Sam Waters