What’s an easy way to sell more goods and services? Making them available to more customers is an effective tool, and using mobile technology to do it is becoming more prevalent for merchants today. For customers, it’s pretty simple to pull out a cellphone, do a Google search to go “Windows” shopping.

The Mobile Shopping Focus Report says mobile is the No. 1 source of digital growth in retail, and the figures are backing up that claim.

While most of the focus on mobile in retail is customer facing for browsing or shopping, the technology also makes businesses more agile, flexible and easier to operate.

The 2018 POS/Customer Engagement Survey by BRP says 62% of retailers planned to increase the use of mobile devices in their point of sale system by the end of last year. It’s not just making their products easier to purchase with mobile technology, either. Retailers are putting mobile tech in the hands of their store associates to help them do their jobs more efficiently.

These innovative applications can help sales associates demonstrate products, compare prices with other retailers, and make recommendations when working with customers on the sales floor, or out in a garden center or lumber yard.

Applications such as Paladin’s Mobile² lets retailers utilize wireless technology to enable employees to complete sales transactions, schedule deliveries, capture signatures and display invoices, all from remote locations.

Other applications linked to digital platforms and point of sale systems, allow merchants to monitor their business from remote locations, as well. Going mobile can set any retail business free.