It’s no secret that brick and mortar retail businesses have been under assault from internet retailers for some time. Let’s face it, shopping online has never been so easy, convenient or, dare I say it, satisfying. The selection of products available on the internet is staggering. Online retailers have access to lots of inventory and good prices.

Customers can shop from a cell phone and have their purchases delivered overnight.

What’s not to like?

So, how does a retailer compete? Start by looking at your store from the customer’s perspective. Are you making it easy for them to do business with you?

  • Are customers greeted and directed to the items they need?
  • Is your staff trained to anticipate add-on items customers might need?
  • Is your store clean and neat, with prices clearly displayed?
  • Does your inventory reflect the unique needs of your customers?
  • Are you stocking the right depth of products?
  • Are cashiers fast and trained to quickly handle any situation?
  • Are you incentivizing customers to return by offering a rewards program?

How do you get more people on the floor t o perform those tasks?

Fortunately, Paladin users already have the inventory management tools to automate aspects of time-consuming back office chores, like purchasing, ordering, and receiving. Fully implementing them will free up staff members and get them out on the floor to engage with customers and create that great experience.

In spite of all the technology available to you today, (even ours) the success of any retail enterprise will ultimately rest with the ability to build strong relationships with customers and create a positive shopping experience. If you can do this, you’ll create a legion of loyal customers willing to jump in their car and drive to your store.

Why? Because they would rather engage with knowledgeable, friendly salespeople, than order something passively over the internet.

Dan Nesmith, President