Ten years ago, during the depth of the Great Recession, who would have thought finding good employees would ever be a problem. But now, with unemployment at historic lows – 3.7% in October 2018 – finding and hiring the right people isn’t easy. In fact, Indeed, one of the top job websites in the world, says it’s a problem for more than half of small businesses. However, there are still ways to find quality workers.

At Paladin Data Corporation, we have adopted the Rockefeller Habits explained in Verne Harnish’s book “Scaling Up” to grow our business and recruiting quality employees is part of that process. Like many of the stores we service, we are a small business. So, finding and hiring good people is important to us, too.

The first step in the process is getting the word out, which should feature more than a Help Wanted sign on your front door. Spreading the word through job websites and social media is crucial in finding motivated and qualified applicants. Inc.com says 79% of job seekers use social media in their searches.

In such a shallow applicant pool, businesses are often competing for top talent. So, it’s important to emphasize what you can do for the candidates as much as what skills they need to get the job. Advertising benefits, perks and your region’s attractions – proximity to beaches, skiing, hiking and biking trails and more – is often attractive to applicants.

One of the most important tools in our recruiting process is the “Topgrading Interview Guide.” Even in its abbreviated form, it provides extensive and accurate insights into how job candidates will fit into and perform in your organization.

Once you find a group of “A” players – applicants with the right skills – it’s also important that they fit into your company’s culture. They must share the company’s core values to fulfill its mission of great customer service and be solid contributors.