In a retail world constantly in search of ways to smooth and speed customer service and checkout, there are simple and effective ways to do it without reinventing the point-of-sale wheel.

Database appliances improve security, increase operational speed, and maintain better data integrity. Paladin Data Corporation’s appliances, about the size of a hardcover book, are automatically managed. 

There are no user-accessible controls, making it simple to install and effortless to use. They completely eliminate the need to ever buy a server again.

The appliances improve security by protecting a system from viruses, malware and intrusion that can infiltrate from infected emails or websites. Its only job is to manage and protect system data.

The data appliances improve operational speed for customer service with most stores seeing a two- to three-fold increase. They also vastly simplify SAQ compliance with credit card processors.

If a second appliance is needed, users also benefit from an automatic failover if the primary appliance fails. A second appliance also increases overall system speed – two engines are faster than one – in cases where reports are needed throughout the day.

Any Paladin customers looking improve the speed and security of their store’s network can find out more by calling Paladin Data Corp at 541-706-9553