There are a number of ways to make more sales with counter displays. An effective display persuades your customers to pick up just one more thing before paying.

“A great counter display, as part of your overall visual merchandising strategy, can interrupt [your customers] and get them to buy.” —Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor

Cater to your customers, and they will reward you with extra purchases. When you create your display, keep these things in mind:

  1. Display one item. Your customer has reached the end of their shopping trip and doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by another aisle of choices. Impulse buys aren’t “which one,” but “yes or no.” Keep their decisions quick and easy by showing off a single item.
  2. Display an inexpensive item. Ten to twenty dollars is a good range for a display item. The low-priced big sellers are easier to buy without adding a significant number to the receipt. Many customers will tack on a few dollars to their receipts without over-thinking it.
  3. Display a sign. Your sign should do the selling for you—this is effective with seven words or fewer. The best signs offer a personal connection to your customer. If you’re a hardware store, use compact measuring tape with a sign that says, “Buy one for good measure!” Get creative, clever, and humorous—this is an excellent personal touch.

Getting Started

Interested in getting started? Here are a few steps to catch your customers’ attention and build up your ROI.

  1. Put your display on your counter, front and center. It can be by the cash register, and it should be easy to see and easy to grab.
  2. Make your display visually appealing. Pinterest is the perfect place for inspiration. What are your store’s colors? Work with that. Would it be cute to have a child’s fingerprints on the display because you’re a candy shop? Would decorating it with fishing line or animal tracks be perfect because you’re an outdoors store? Your display should show your store’s personality.
  3. Choose the right product. If you’re a hardware store, it would be strange for your display items to be shoe laces. Try small tools instead, or a hot selling item. If you’re a women’s clothing store, jewelry would be a great display item. For a store that sells kitchen products, display magnets, small packages of dip, or cookbooks.
  4. Use an item that’s a good seller, not one that you haven’t been able to sell for months. Your product should be an easy sell.
  5. Brevity is your friend. Most customers don’t want to hear a long-winded sales pitch. Let the sign do the talking for you. If you sell pharmaceuticals, put a sign over your cough drops that says, “Before you leave our shop, grab your cough drops!”

Quick Tips

Creating the best display for your store takes practice, so don’t get frustrated if it isn’t perfect. Use simplicity as your decorator to help your item stand out!

Here are a few quick tips for creating your display:

  1. Sell to a universal crowd. The more customers your item appeals to, the more purchases will be made.
  2. Set up a display with the help of a creative employee. Involving your staff allows them to contribute to the business, and they will enjoy the chance to help you grow. Let the creativity fly!
  3. Change your display every week or two to keep it interesting. Your customers will ignore it once it becomes a regular addition to your checkout area.
  4. Use full-priced items for better ROI.

Increase Your Sales

Prompt extra purchases by providing helpful displays for your customers. Now get out there, have some fun with your project, and sell!

Do you have a counter display you’re proud of? Post it in the comments below!

“If just 10% of your customers add a $10 item to their ticket, your ROI will be huge.” —Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor

Post written by: Shayla Eaton