You ask the customer standing in the aisle, “Can I help you?” They respond with the all-to-often heard, “I’m just looking.” Converting even a few browsers into buyers each day may have a significant impact on your bottom line. You can avoid missing a great selling opportunity by using these simple psychological tactics:

Let them acclimate.

People need space and time to take in their new surroundings when they first enter your store. Consider the area adjacent to the front doors as a decompression zone and give them room to adjust.

Establish a connection.

Greet them properly and sincerely. Show genuine interest by asking about their day, what they are working on, etc. Be authentic; falseness is quickly detected and off-putting.

Ask the right questions.

Find out why they may be holding back from buying and what their concerns are. Then present appropriate choices and help them find the product that best fits their needs.

Engagement that adds value.

Don’t just assume they know a lot about the product. Pick it up off the shelf and share its features and benefits. Become their advisor.

The bottom line. Making a good impression and creating positive feelings will set them up to purchase, whether it’s now or in the future.

By Leticia Stryker