Business owners: If you’re like 80% of Americans, statistics show your New Year’s resolutions crashed about the second week of February. The good news is you can still make 2018 a defining year with a few common themes experts suggest, which center around focusing on people and technology.

Topping Forbes magazine’s list of ways to make this year special is putting people first – customers, employees, vendors and neighbors. The magazine says that retailers have long focused on the 4Ps of marketing – Product, Price, Promotion and Placement. That strategy plays right into the hands of the top 1% of retailers like Amazon and Walmart, because that is where they beat small businesses. Adding “people” to the 4Ps model is where the rest of the retail world, the 99%ers, can win.

Forbes and Shopify both say small businesses can benefit by supporting their communities. Joining the chamber of commerce, volunteering with local nonprofits, and just rubbing shoulders with people on the sales floor personalizes your business and gives you a connection to customers that the top 1% of retailers can’t match.

Millennial shoppers make up an increasing portion of retail clientele. Marketing magazine says they are interested in learning about a company, its people, products and processes, and are more likely to make a purchase when this information is available.

Getting tech savvy is a unanimous suggestion from experts on how small business owners can improve in 2018. This includes creating or optimizing your websites and social media presence, collecting and utilizing vital sales data, and automating and streamlining business processes. Paladin offers many products and dedicated experts to help businesses in all these areas.

According to KPMG, 87% of millennials use more than two personal tech devices a day. This is driving more businesses to adopt mobile commerce and provide a seamless multi-channel experience. This statistic shows the importance of creating and optimizing retail websites that are mobile friendly because many customers will find their way to your business via mobile phone searches and Google Maps.

Shopify recommends as various ways to get tech savvy updating your website, collecting data, optimizing its use, and streamlining your business. Paladin’s user-friendly point of sales solutions can help you make 2018 a defining year for your business by helping you manage all your web, sales and inventory data.