Company: Popp Hardware
Owner: John Popp
Location: Ligerwood, ND
Years in Business: 69

Popp Hardware is a family-owned store located in Lidgerwood North Dakota with a population of a cozy 650 people. John Popp has owned the store since 1976; while his father owned it before him since 1946.

A distinctive quality of Popp Hardware is their floral offerings. They have a custom florist come in and design arrangements for events such as weddings and birthday celebrations. They also offer a greenhouse during the months of March through June.

John’s biggest challenge is having the right stock at the right time. “The key to navigating this challenge is having the right system that allows you to order the right thing at the right time, making things so much easier and more accurate.”

Another challenge he faces in a small town is knowing which adjustments to make in your store to compete with the big box stores.

“Paladin has been is a life saver for our business; this system is perfect for me. I don’t think I could go without it. Paladin has made ordering so easy with their suggested order report.”

Best Advice:

“My advice would be to get involved with a system that knows your business, a system like Paladin.”

By Jenny Cooper