Years in Business!

Military Hardware (Columbus, MS)

Owner: Brad Perkerson


Military Hardware has been at the corner of Military Road and 13th Street N in Columbus, Mississippi since 1959. Owners Mike and Carol Perkerson took the store over from Mike’s father. Their son Brad manages the store.

You’ll find hookaroons, beaver traps, and other specialty items among the hardware, paint, electrical products. The garden center is a big draw every spring as customers consider planting flowers and vegetable gardens.

In the last few years, Lowe’s and Walmart opened stores in Columbus, a city of roughly 23,000. Initially, the Perkerson’s were concerned their business would be hurt by their new neighbors. Fortunately, their business hasn’t suffered. It’s Improved.

Military Hardware is known for its knowledgeable, helpful salespeople. Staff member Allen Bennett says “In addition to our contractor business we have a lot of walk-in traffic. There are people who have lived in this town for twenty years or more and have never walked through our door”. Many new customers report they were sent to Military Hardware by one of their big box neighbors. Allen adds, “We’ve been here almost sixty years and we’re still being discovered.”

Best Advice:

“The key is customer service and a knowledgeable staff. Many of our customers are less concerned about price and more interested in getting what they need and getting out as quickly as possible. We work hard to make every transaction easy for our customers.”

George Maginnis