Company: Sisters Ace Hardware
Manager: Jordon Tandy
Location: Sisters, OR
Years in Business: 11

Sisters Ace Hardware has been a fixture in Sisters, Oregon for over 35 years. The Tandy family purchased the store in 2005. As a small town hardware store, Sisters Ace is very customer-focused.

Store manager, Jordan Tandy, likes helping customers with their projects by passing along knowledge he’s picked up along the way. Much of it, he admits candidly, he learned by correcting his own mistakes.

Jordan believes people in Sisters place a great value on shopping local and don’t mind paying a bit more for great customer service and the helpful advice they receive. This has been an important factor in competing with large corporate hardware retailers.

Surprisingly, the tool that has helped keep customer service great is the RF barcode scanner. “Our employees regularly scan sections of the store to stay on top of our inventory. While they’re counting, they’re out on the floor and available to help customers.”

Jordon believes people will continue to value good customer service.

Best Advice:

“Know your area, the neighborhood, and who your customers are. We know we’re not going to be the place where contractors go to get everything they need. We’re happy to help the homeowners and do-it-yourselfers who are changing out a light fixture for the first time. If you identify a weakness, isolate it, and work to improve. Improve as much as you can.”

By George Maginnis