Company: Russell’s Pharmacy
Owner: John Gallizzi
Location: Detroit, MI
Years in Business: 31

Russell’s Pharmacy of Detroit, Michigan, is uniquely located in a multi-use office building amid a neighborhood surrounding.

Setting them apart from traditional pharmacies, Russell’s Pharmacy also serves as a convenience store for the building’s office personnel.

For John, the best part of his day is when he interacts with customers and patients. When asked about changes he has seen in the industry, he points to, “Keeping up with the insurance companies… Every year you think you have a handle on things, then they come out with something new and you are right back to where you started.”

To control expenses and ensure the health of the pharmacy’s bottom line, John works with the landlord to keep overhead costs in check.

An additional strategy of retail success that John employs is the use of technology to streamline business processes.

“Make sure you are getting what you really want out of your point of sale software. Paladin does that for me. It is a good value for the money and they stay on top of the software development. In a changing industry like pharmacy, that is a great thing.”

By Jenny Cooper