Company: Butler Lumber, Pipe, and Stone
Owner: Ron Star
Location: Maynard, MA
Years in Business: 43

Butler Lumber, Pipe, and Stone is a family-owned business located in Maynard, Massachusetts, 25 miles west of Boston. In addition to lumber, pipe, and stone, they carry a variety of hardware, tools, and complete septic systems.

Being a local business with a long history in the community sets them apart from their competition. Great customer service, quality products, competitive pricing, and a staff with deep product knowledge, keep their customers coming back year after year.

The biggest challenge they currently face is finding suppliers that will sell to them in smaller quantities. A lot of time is spent looking for new suppliers and arranging co-op purchases with other retailers when possible. As more small hardware retailers in the area close their doors, this second solution proves more difficult. Butler Lumber uses Paladin’s Suggested Ordering feature to keep the right balance of product on hand.

Butler Lumber’s Best Advice:

“Build you reputation on a knowledgeable staff, sell the best products available, and provide great customer service. Above all, be consistent.”

By George Maginnis