Company: Bryant & Sons Building Supply

Owner: Dennis Bryant

Location: Summerville, GA

Years in Business: 71

Bryant & Sons Building Supply has been a fixture in Summerville, Georgia since 1945. The Bryant’s are proud to have Landon, a member of their fourth generation, helping customers and learning the family business. While they carry a full line of lumber, plumbing, and electrical supplies, the two five-gallon paint shakers seem to run non-stop.

Dennis is a firm believer in the future of the independent hardware store. The willingness to listen to customers and evolve with changes in the market is important to future growth and success.

Deep product knowledge and a quick response to customer needs has distinguished Bryant & Sons from the local competition. Dennis points out, “Customers often come to us after they’ve been told, ‘it can’t be done’, knowing we will find a way.” Great relationships with suppliers enable them get that special product delivered to a customer in days rather than weeks.

Best Advice:

“Show genuine concern for your customers while respecting their time and selling at a competitive price. Do your best to keep aware of new products, so if asked a question you can be somewhat helpful. Customers are not impressed when their questions are answered with a shrug.”


By George Maginnis