Looking at your scanner options, you have many different choices. Let’s boil it all down to two: corded and non-corded. Not being tied to the cash register is definitely nice, but is it worth the extra cash?

I’ll let you make up your own mind, but let me give you all the information first.

Do you sell large items?

Most hardware or retail stores sell large items. A heavy item can make checkout awkward and needlessly long. Does your scanner have a cord long enough to reach the items under a cart?

With the Bluetooth scanner the cashier can easily scan large items without the hassle. No more cringing when you have to reach over the counter. This keeps your lines moving fast and smooth.

Scanning inventory?

It can be easier. Having a cordless scanner becomes especially convenient when scanning in parts. You are not tied to any area by a cord or wire. The Bluetooth scanner has a 98-foot range, giving you mobility while you work.

With the Bluetooth scanner you are free to roam your back rooms and scan in new inventory without being encumbered by a leash.

One less thing to break

Many times with ordinary scanners the cord becomes a problem. Twisting and moving the scanner into a variety of positions puts a lot of strain on the cord and eventually it gives out. There’s nothing worse than a malfunctioning item.

Fortunately, with the Bluetooth scanner this problem is nonexistent. No more games of Jump Rope.One less thing to break.

Easy to fix

Often a scanner’s configuration can become corrupted either because someone fiddled with it or simply due to natural entropy. Normally, this means taking the time to call a technician, figure out the problem, and fix it. Because you have time for all that.

All of that can be avoided with the Bluetooth scanner. Under the scanner’s base is a bar code. If the scanner’s configuration becomes corrupted, a cashier only needs to flip over the base and scan the bar code. This will instantaneously reset the configuration. No phone calls. No hassle.

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