What’s one of the most challenging things about starting a business? Maybe it’s setting up your store, or finding a building. Finding customers and appealing to the crowds is certainly on the list!

You need customers to support your business. Some of the biggest challenges are advertising for your store and attracting people.

Your product might be the best product on the market. Your website might be pretty nice. Sadly, that’s not enough. The only way to get people to notice your company is through your advertising. Do so online, offline, and wherever you can! Help customers find your business.

Here is a list of 8 ways you can attract customers to your store without breaking the bank.

1. Talk to your friends

It’s all about who you know nowadays, right? Well, it still applies to businesses and customers. Talk to your friends, to the people you know, and ask if they know anyone who can use your services and products. Word of mouth can get you pretty far!

2. Do what the big boys are doing

If someone is successful, there’s a good chance you can learn from them. Mimic their sales tactics, advertise like they do, and keep an eye on their online presence. If they’re attracting the customers, mimic their methods. Learn from the best, and become even better!

3. Use plenty of ads

Big, small, and whatever size and shape you can get them into. If you have to choose between one big poster, and multiple smaller ones, choose the small ones. Why? Because you can reach farther by spreading them out. Advertise where your competitors are advertising!

4. Sponsor events as often as possible

Events that bring everyone together, especially events that appeal to your market, are an opportunity. If there’s an event scheduled, call in and see if you can offer an item or service during the event in exchange for promotions. If you can’t give them anything, then just attend! You may be meeting and marketing to people who want your services.

5. Ask for feedback

Whether your customers are happy or displeased with your store, ask them to write a paragraph about what they think of you. The more you learn from your clients, the more you can change to make them happy. Make customers happy by knowing what they need and want.

6. Give something away

Free stuff really appeals to people. Why? Because they don’t have to work at getting it. If it’s quality, they like it even more. If you don’t have the resources to give away free stuff, then provide good information in a newsletter or blog.

7. Use social media

Use it to its fullest potential! The more active you are online, the easier it is for people to learn about your store. Your brand and business will appeal to a bigger crowd by communicating on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

8. Have a rewards program

Having a rewards program may require a bit of an investment, but if used right it will bring in loyal customers. This gives you free advertising, and makes people more willing to spend money in your store. 

Get Started

It is challenging to find customers, and even harder to keep them coming back. They are the lifeblood of your store, and you want a surplus! By using these tips, find customers and appeal to the right crowds. The support of your customers is what will lift your store above your competitors.

By giving people what they want and need, you supply them with a reason to come to your store. Be sure to draw them to you with advertising and communication! Go online and start being social. Speak with people at events. Wherever you can spread the word about your business.

What are you waiting for? Get started with your advertising! Attract customers to your store.

Is there anything you suggest? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Inspired by: Thirteen Ways To Find Customers by Janet Attard