The holidays may be over but this is no time to kick back and sip the leftover eggnog. Don’t start the new year in a slump. Try some creative promotions to increase traffic in your store. The momentum you build now will have a positive effect throughout the year.

1. Slow Movers

You may have already marked down seasonal items that didn’t sell. Use the tools in Paladin Point of Sale to uncover items that have been sitting around since long before the holidays. Get it all out there while people are in a buying/bargain hunting mood.

2. Show Me How

Inspire customers to take on a new project in the coming year with books that show them what it takes to make it happen. How-to books make projects easier by breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps. Sell the book today and they’ll be back for materials they need tomorrow.

3. Kick Out the Cold

Staying warm is top-of-mind for many this time of year. Have you considered a sale on a range of products people might use to keep warm? Discounts on anything from space heaters to fire logs to hats could help drive people to your door. Bundle a group of items together using Paladin’s kit feature.

4. The Boss is On Vacation!

A mutiny by the staff is as good a reason as any to have a sale. These sales are fun and potentially harmless as long as no one gets thrown overboard.

5. New Year’s Resolution Sale

Lots of people make resolutions for the new year. Anything you have to enhance organization, productivity, fitness, cleanliness, or safety is fair game.

6. In With an Old One, Out With a New One

“Bring in your old [product] and get [discount] off the purchase of a new one.” Think of items that create opportunity for profitable add-on items. Bundle those add-on items to create a super deal.

7. Token Hunt

Announce to customers that tokens, hidden throughout your store, are redeemable for a store credit when presented to a cashier. Knowing a discount could be hiding anywhere in the store will incentivize customers to cruise your aisles longer. Tokens are inexpensive and can be purchased through novelty stores or online. You control the number available and their value at checkout.

The holidays may be over but with some careful thought and a little creativity, you can keep the momentum going as we ease into the new year.

Check out a training video on the Paladin Help Portal to get you up to speed quickly.

By George Maginnis