There is no way to avoid every mistake. No matter how hard we try, there is no end-all, cure-all remedy for getting rid of the occasional error.

They can’t always be avoided, you can’t predict all of them. The only unexpected surprises that people enjoy are gifts, not problems.

What really starts to bother people is when these little errors begin to define your business. How do you protect your reputation and customers from these mistakes? Even if you can’t keep mistakes from happening, your store can learn and grow.

There are pitfalls that can be avoided without hurtling yourself into them. We can learn from the mistakes of others, as well as our own. Here are three tips that will help your store avoid business mistakes.

1. Avoid Confusion

Do people have to read over your advertisement more than once? If so, then it’s probably not telling them about your company. This summer I was reading through the advertisement section of a magazine while waiting for a play to begin. My marketing friend and I decided we were going to analyze the ads while waiting.

Truthfully, it was a great experience to sit in a crowded theater and point out which fonts looked best on paper. Try looking at some ads! If you see something you like, copy it.

We were pleasantly surprised to see which ads really drew our attention. The best ones were clear, concise, and well-designed. Some of the less effective ads contained pictures that didn’t relate to their product, and others didn’t say anything about their services.

Be clear. Tell the world what you do, what you sell, and how you’ll give it to them. Don’t confuse them with pretty pictures and flashy words that don’t relate to your business. Customers will judge your store through ads, signs, websites, and your store logo. Be sure to give them what they want: advertisements that tell them exactly what they’ll be getting from your store. Avoid confusion on all accounts.

2. Avoid Poor Quality

Is there anything more frustrating than buying a product and having it break when you use it once? Having a new shirt with a ripped seam is frustrating, and it’s really annoying when a handle breaks off of that new stove. There is no justification for poor quality. It’s annoying, and it makes your store look cheap.

This is how customers think, too. Give them a quality item, not something that will fall apart in their hands. When you get bad reviews or complaints on an item, be sure to write them down and test the product.

Sell quality products, or you’ll have unhappy customers to deal with! True quality will keep customers coming back to your store.

3. Avoid Bad Customer Service

It is always a good idea to treat the customer like they matter. if you’re respectful to a rude customer, it makes a difference. Here are some tips about how to immediately win the approval of a customer.

  • Be humble. Your smile and kind behavior will keep the conversation calm.
  • Offer an alternate solution. If you can’t help them, send them to someone who can.
  • Smile. It encourages people, and helps smooth out the situation.
  • Be social! Be as friendly as you can, invite people back.

Do you use social media? If not, it’s a good idea to get started. You can connect to a larger audience by starting a Facebook profile, or a Twitter account. Much of today’s crowd is online, and they will react better if they see you on their favorite social networking sites.

Avoid Business Mistakes

Throughout life we learn from mistakes, especially our own. There is no way to avoid every pitfall, but we can try to avoid mistakes. By advertising clearly, selling quality items, and having excellent customer service, your business will gain a good reputation.

Are there any other business mistakes that a business should avoid? Let us know in the comments below!