In the Invoice/Quote module, during checkout, when a cashier tries to cancel an approved credit card payment, and the credit card processor cannot void the payment, the following message will appear. The message is informational only. After the cashier clicks F8 OK, the screen clears, and the event is recorded in the store’s transaction history. These events appear in all transaction reports so they can be recognized and resolved during daily reconciliation.

Credit card could not be voided

IMPORTANT: If you see this message, the payment has not been removed from the customer’s credit card account. To return the money to the customer and reconcile your store’s card payments, you must contact your credit card processor and request that they remove the payment from your daily processing batch.

This scenario occurs more often with older credit card devices because they use older encryption methods, and cannot connect to more modern processing platforms. If you are receiving this message frequently, consider upgrading your payment terminal. Contact Paladin Customer Support (1-800-725-2346, option 2 or for upgrade options.

Best Practice: Daily reconciliation of credit and gift card purchases

To maintain accurate store accounts, and to catch and fix problems before they affect your business and customer relationships, you must reconcile your Paladin gift and credit card sales with your credit card processor’s records every business day.  Although electronic credit card processing systems are generally reliable, issues do, and will, occur.

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Printed on: 5/20/22