Images of parts can be downloaded to your computer and then be viewed through Advanced Lookup in either the Invoice/Quote module or the Inventory module. When set up, the function will run 10 minutes nightly adding or updating images. 

Feature Available To Requirements
  • Ace EDI Suppliers
  • True Value EDI Suppliers
Database version 4.67

To set this feature:

  1. On a terminal dedicated for keeping images, open Paladin, and from the main menu, select File > Setup.
  2. Select the Company tab.
  3. In the Inventory pane, click Create next to the Image Network Share box.

4. In the Image Network Share box, enter \\servername\sharename where:
                 servername = your server’s name
                 sharename = whatever you want the share name to be

5. Click Create. A folder will be created on the server at: C:\\paladinpos\sharename and try to create a network share at that location.

Note: You don’t have to use the Create button if you already have an existing share you want to use. You can just enter that location and click Save.

6. API calls (non-EDI) will be made nightly for 10 minutes to populate the Image file.

Note: Do not turn off the terminal associated with the Image file. The nightly 10 minute window may take several evenings to populate all images. Not all products will have an associated image.

Important: Pictures/images may not show on other terminals. You may need to restart Paladin on these terminals.

To view images:

  1. On the top ribbon of Paladin, select the module (Invoice/Quote or Inventory).
  2. In the module, on the bottom ribbon, select F1 Adv. Lookup.
  3. In the Advanced Lookup window, select how you want to find items. The options are Class, Department, Location, Supplier, or Keyword.
  4. After you have enabled your search parameter, click Find >>. The Advanced Lookup window will populate with parts and their corresponding data. 
  5. Find and click the magnifying glass next to a part. An image of that part will appear.


Image viewer in Advanced Lookup

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Printed on: 1/28/22