Note:  You can also watch this webinar:  The new Help Portal:  One search, many happy returns

Using the Help Portal

Use the Help Portal menu when you want to view or search specific types of help content. You can also access your cases and provide customer service with remote access (sign in is required). Click any menu item to access that content.

Explaing the Help Portal menu

Opening the Help Portal from Paladin Point of Sale

You can access the Help Portal from the Help menu in Paladin Point of Sale. The Help menu options work like the site menu and take you to different parts of the Help Portal.

Open the Help Portal from Paladin Point of Sale

Searching the Help Portal

You can search all the help content in the portal, or you can search specific types of content, such as the Knowledge Base and the webinars.

Searching all help content

You can all search all help content in two ways:

  • Enter search terms in the search bar on the home page, and then click Search.
  • Click the search bar icon on the top of any page. The search icon opens a Search page.  Enter search terms, and then click Search.

How to search all help libraries

When you search all help content, the results can include Knowledge Base articles, webinars, new features and updates,  and videos. Use the help library icons to identify the types of content in your search results.

Help Portal icons

Searching a specific type of content

To search a specific type of content, such as the Knowledge Base or the webinars, click the menu item for that content, and then use the search bar on that page. When you do this, your search results will be limited to that specific content. For example, searching in the Knowledge Base will return only Knowledge Base articles.

Example of searching one library --Knowledge Base

Printing an article

If you want to print an article, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click in the body of the article, and then select Print.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Print.
*Content is subject to change. For the most recent version, visit the Help Portal.
Printed on: 3/23/18