The Shrinkage Report shows you a list of all manual stock-on-hand (SOH) updates that are not related to sales. You can use this report to find deleted and discontinued items.

In a Shrinkage Report, when you filter by supplier, all items that are available from that supplier are displayed, even when the requested supplier is not the inventory item’s primary supplier (Supplier 1).

For example, if the requested supplier is the second or third supplier for an item, this item will now be included in the report.

To create a Shrinkage Report:

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Reports module.
  2. In the Reports tab, in the Report Area pane, click Inventory > Performance Analysis.
  3. In the Report List pane, click Shrinkage Report.
  4. In the Choose Report pane, click F12 Next.
  5. In the Shrinkage Report window, set the options that you want, and then click F12 Run Report.

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Printed on: 5/17/22