These features are available in the Paladin build ending in 7383.1 (and higher).

15 line RF Unit now displays warehouse stock on hand (SOH) in PO mode

Paladin’s integration with the Worth 7000 RF unit now allows clients to view stock on hand at their supplier’s warehouse directly on their hand-held unit.

  • Makes ordering more intelligent by letting clients view what stock is available to them right from their store aisles
  • More efficient inventory management since stores don’t have to wait for the truck to arrive to see what is missing
  • Proactively find alternate parts from suppliers and avoid outs

Open RF Unit: 15 line functionality KBA

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15 line RF Unit now allows scanning or typing of serial numbers while receiving

Paladin can now collect serial numbers on the Worth 7000 RF unit during receiving.

  • Saves time during receiving by entering serial numbers on the fly
  • Increases efficiency and avoids the need to add serial numbers later in the back office
  • Scan serial numbers for superior accuracy
  • Enter them with the full keyboard when barcoded serial numbers are unavailable


Bulk Price Change tool added to Data Viewer

The Bulk Price Change feature allows clients to increase retail prices on inventory items by a custom percentage. The changes can be made for a group of items, a department, a location, or even an entire store. This is done through the Bulk Price Change tab in Paladin’s Data Viewer. This allows stores to make percentage price changes for a wide range of items quickly and easily.

Open Bulk Price Change KBA

Receipts will now show taxes to 2 decimal points

Taxes were previously displayed to 6 decimal places on receipts but will now be displayed to only 2. The additional precision is still present behind the scenes and can be revealed through a configurable setting, but they will no longer be visible on receipts by default. This will give stores and customers a receipt that is easier to look at without losing the required precision for tax calculations.

For more information on how to configure the number of decimal places in receipts, see “How to set tax detail on invoices” in the Taxes KBA.

Open Taxes KBA

New “Spend Amount” sale type in the Advanced Sale wizard

“Spend Amount Get Discount” provides a discount when a customer spends a specified dollar amount or over on an item or a list of items. The discount can be set as a dollar amount or a percentage. For example, spend $10 or more on bird seed and get $2 off, or spend $10 or more on bird seed and get 20% off on the bird seed.

Open Spend Amount KBA

New “Buy Quantity get Discount” sale type in the Advanced Sale wizard

“Buy Qty Get Discount” provides a discount when a customer purchases over a certain quantity of an item (or from a list of items). This can be set as a dollar amount or a percentage. For example, purchase a minimum of 10 items in order to get 50% off those items. This discount is applied to the very same items that are bought once the minimum amount is reached—for example, purchase a six-pack of soda and get $1 off.

Open Buy Qty Get Discount KBA

Ace STIHL SKU conversion utility has been updated

The Ace STIHL SKU conversation utility has been updated with the latest catalogs. This enables Ace stores selling STIHL products to convert part numbers and reduce manual part number maintenance.

Open Ace Stihl SKU conversion utility KBA

BlockChyp terminals can prompt customers for their rewards number for any loyalty program

BlockChyp terminals can be configured to prompt customers to enter their loyalty program numbers. This avoids typos and incorrect ID entries. It also increases both speed and accuracy at checkout.

Open the BlockcChyp Payment Processing KBA

Loyalty Usage on Register Balance Reports for all Rewards Programs.

Register Balance reports will now include the sum of daily sales for loyalty customers as well as the total daily sum of sales. This appears at the bottom of the report.


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