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1. Sales

When the client signs the Paladin Data Corporation purchase order and software agreement and sends the documents with a voided check to Paladin, the Go Live process begins.

2. Discovery

When Paladin receives the signed documents and voided check, the administration department posts the upfront fee and sets up the monthly recurring charges. Then, a dedicated Paladin account manager schedules a discovery call with the client. During the discovery call, the account manager welcomes the valued client and does the following:

  • Explains the Go Live process
  • Collects information for customizing Paladin to their unique business environment
  • Determines which computer hardware is appropriate
  • Sets the expectations for the Go Live process
  • Answers any questions
  • Creates and assigns specific tasks to the client and the account manager
  • Determines when the assigned tasks are completed and notifies the project manager that the production phase can begin

3. Production

The project manager begins the production phase, which involves building Paladin software on existing terminals, setting up and testing equipment, providing onsite training to the client and selected employees, and building a database from data that the client provided to the account manager.

4. Go live

The account manager provides some final details to prepare the client’s store to Go Live. When the store goes live, the account manager assists the client and answers questions or concerns until the client is referred to Paladin Support for further assistance.

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Printed on: 10/15/21