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When a customer returns an item, Paladin can verify the purchase and add the original invoice number to the return invoice.


How to set up for return items

To set up Paladin to verify the purchase of a returned item and add the original purchase invoice number to the return invoice:

  1. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup.
  2. Select the Invoice (Store) tab.
  3. In the Invoice pane, check Capture Return Item Invoice Number.
  4. Click Save, and then click Close.

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How return items function works

When you turn on this feature, each time you accept a return-to-stock item, Paladin will attempt to verify that the invoice number referenced with this return exists and that it includes the item. Once the purchase is verified, a note with the original invoice number is added below the returned item on the invoice. How Paladin obtains the original invoice number depends on how you add the returned item to the invoice.

Purchase verification when you add an item to an invoice directly or from Advanced Lookup inventory search results

In the Invoice/Quote module, when you add a return either directly to an invoice or from Advanced Lookup search results, a Return Item Invoice Number window appears and asks you for the original purchase invoice number.


When you scan the barcode on the bottom of the original invoice or manually enter the invoice number, Paladin will verify that the invoice exists and that it includes the returned item. If the purchase is confirmed, the original invoice number is added to the new invoice.


Similarly, if you use the Advanced Lookup inventory search to find and add returned items to an invoice, a Return Item Invoice Number window appears for each returned item.


After the invoice and purchase for each returned item is verified, the original invoice number is added to the new invoice.


When purchase verification fails because the invoice number you entered in the Return Item Invoice Number window is not found, or if the part number is not on the original invoice, a message is displayed.




If you click Cancel in the Return Item Invoice Number window, and proceed with the return, a note that this step was skipped is added to the return invoice.


If there are good reasons to continue without purchase verification, you can include additional details on a separate Notes line.

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Purchase verification when you add a returned item to an invoice from Advanced Lookup sale history search results

In the Advanced Lookup search window, on the History tab, you can use the Invoice option to search for an invoice and display the items from that sale. If you return an item from this view, the original invoice number is automatically included on the new invoice.

Find a return using Advanced Lookup - History tab, invoice number search

Similarly, you can use the Part or Part+Customer options to display an item’s sale history that includes invoice numbers. When you start the return process for a specific purchase, the original invoice number is also included.

If you do not have the original invoice or invoice number, you can use this method to find and verify the purchase.

Look up return using part number search on Advanced Lookup - History tab

When the return is complete, the receipt will display the original invoice number.


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