1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Customers module.
  3. In the Customer box, enter the Customer Account information.

    Note: If the customer does not have an account, select 0-Cash Sale.

  4. Click the Credit tab.
  5. In the Sales History section, click the magnifying glass.
  6. Highlight the transaction to be voided, and then click Void.
  7. In the Administrator Login box, enter the admin password, and then click Done.
  8. Call the payment processing company to have the charges reversed.


  • If the customer wants to cancel the sale after getting partial approval for a debit card transaction,  it may take up to 10 days for the bank to return cancelled funds to that account.
  • Multi-store: You cannot void a transaction that was created in a different store because the inventory must be “returned” to the store where the transaction was originally created. Database replication does not handle this scenario.


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Printed on: 5/23/22