When EDI processing is completed, you can go to the customer’s sales history to see the Triple E invoices that are associated with the customer account.

  1. Click the Customers module or press ALT+ 2.
  2. Click the Credit tab.
  3. In the Sales History pane, click the Customer Friendly magnifying glass.
  4. In the Recent Sales History window, click an invoice magnifying glass to view a copy of the invoice receipt with the Triple E invoice date and the date the invoice was attached in Paladin Point of Sale.


  • If an invoice’s Triple E customer account number does not match a Triple E alternate ID in any Paladin Point of Sale customer account, the invoice will be processes in one of the following ways:
    • Credit card transaction:  The invoice will be added to the Cash Sale account with 0 (zero) as the ID for an unspecified customer account. The payment type (Pmt Type) will be set to IMPORT. You can view these invoices in the Cash Sale, 0 account’s sales history.
    • Charge transaction:  A new customer account will be created with the name Triple-E: ####, where #### is the Triple E account number and the alternate ID number.
  • In the Customers module, you can view and change the name and information on these new customer accounts and/or merge the account with an existing customer account.
  • On the Revenue Reports, imported Triple E revenue will be reported in the Coupon category.

    Tip The Coupon category reports this revenue:

    • All imported transactions.
    • Transactions in Paladin that were not processed using one of these payment types: Cash, Charge, ACH, CHG Card (Credit Card) or Check.

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Printed on: 1/28/22