The United Hardware Market Promo ordering system condenses the large comprehensive United Hardware Market Promo price list into a short summary, customized for the items in your active inventory.  This interactive summary is provided in an Excel spreadsheet—one row for each market promo item. In addition to multiple columns of United Hardware Market Promo details, we’ve included these Paladin Point of Sale inventory values to help you with your buying decisions:

  • Stock on hand (SOH)
  • Quantity on order (On Order)
  • Quantity sold in prior 52 weeks (Sales History)

In the OrderQty column, just enter the order quantities, save the changes, and then click Create POs. Paladin Point of Sale will automatically create the pending purchase orders—one for each vendor—for you to review and process.  In the P.O. module, you can view, confirm and process the pending purchase orders.

Important: This feature only applies to stores that use United Hardware as an EDI supplier.  You must have the United Hardware Market Promo electronic file onto your computer before you begin this procedure. The file will have an extension .efm (Example: HNKMARKET.EFM). United Hardware typically provides this file as an email attachment. When you receive this file, save it to your computer and note the location, so you can browse to it later.

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the Maintain menu, click Data Viewer.
  3. Click the United Market Promo
  4. In the United Market Promo Filename: box, enter the file path to the United Hardware Market Promo electronic file or click Browse to find it.
  5. Click Process to create an Excel spreadsheet that will contain only the specials for items in your active inventory.  A message will appear to let you know how many items are in the file. The number will be large, and it may take several minutes to create your personalized spreadsheet. You can continue to use Paladin Point of Sale during this time. Click Yes to start the process.  A green progress bar will show you status.
  6. When file processing is complete, an Excel spreadsheet will appear that contains United Hardware Market Promo information for only items that are in your active inventory. Items are grouped by booth number/vendor with a blank row between each group. To help you make educated buying decisions, Paladin Point of Sale also adds these store-specific columns:
      • Stock on hand (SOH)
      • Quantity on order (On Order)
      • Quantity sold in the last year (Sales History)
      • Quantity you want to buy at the market promo price (OrderQty)

    Tip: To only view the information that is essential for buying decisions, you can hide unnecessary columns. To learn how, see Hide or show rows or columns.

    In the following picture, some United Hardware information has been hidden, so that you can view product descriptions, market promo prices, and store inventory values on the same screen.

  7. Review the item specials. If you want to order an item at the market promo price (SpecialCost), in the OrderQty column, enter the order quantity.
  8. When you’ve entered all your order quantities, save the Excel file, write down the file location, and then close Excel.
  9. In the Paladin POS Data Viewer window, on the United Market Promo tab, in the ExcelFilename box, enter the file path to the Excel spreadsheet or click Browse to find it.
  10. Click Create POs. A purchase order is created for every booth number/supplier that that has an item with an order quantity. When the progress bar is solid green, and the text Processing Complete appears, close the Paladin POS Data Viewer window.
  11. On the top ribbon, click the P.O. module.
  12. On the bottom ribbon, click Recall P.O.
  13. In the Recall Transaction window, the pending United Hardware purchase orders will appear with these values:
    This column Contains this value
    Name United Market Promo Import – <PO creation date>
    Memo Booth Number: <Booth numberVendor: <Vendor name>
    Date Date that the PO was created
    Emp # Employee ID of the person who created the United Hardware Market Promo spreadsheet
    Supplier ID Paladin Point of Sale supplier ID
  14. Highlight any purchase order, and then click Recall or press F12 to view it. The booth number, promotional code (if provided), and vendor will appear as NOTES at the top.
  15. After reviewing the order, in the Purchase Order tab, click Confirm P.O. or press F8.
  16. In the Confirm P.O. tab click Buy or press F1.
  17. Optional:  In the P.O. Number window, in the P.O Number box, enter a purchase order number, or skip this step to automatically generate it.
  18. Click Next.
  19. In the Vendor Questions window, in the Designate type of P.O. list, select Promotional Order.
  20. In the Please enter the Promotional ID box, enter the promotional ID provided by United Hardware, if applicable, and then click
  21. Optional:  In the P.O. Complete window, select additional print, fax or email options.
  22. Click Done to complete the purchase order process.
  23. For each additional United Hardware Market Promo purchase order, repeat steps 13-23.

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Printed on: 10/15/21