After a customer payment is processed, in the Transaction Complete window, an Email Receipt option will appear.   Note: If the Email Receipt option appears in light gray, contact Paladin Support to set up the email feature in your store.

  • To open the Email Manager, click Email Receipt or press 6.  If a selected customer has an email address list, it will appear.
  • To email the invoice to one of these addresses, select it, and then press Send.
  • To add a new email address for the customer, enter it in the Enter Email box.  The new address will be automatically saved in the customer’s email address list.
  • To email a receipt to a customer that is not selected, enter the email address in the Enter Email box, and then press Send.  A message will appear to confirm that the invoice was attached.
  • To send the invoice to more than one email address, enter or select another email address.
  • To close the window, click Close or press F12.

The Email Manager also appears when you email quotes and other invoices in the Invoice/Quote module.

Learn more:  About Email manager

Note: To email invoices and other information to your customers, the email feature must be set up in Paladin Point of Sale. A Paladin Support representative can do this for you. Just contact us at or 1-800-725-2346, option 2.  

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Printed on: 7/10/20