The Triple E invoice file must be accessible from the Paladin Point of Sale terminal where you perform EDI processing, and you must know the file location.  As each invoice is processed, status messages will appear.  When the EDI processing is completed, you can view the progress notes and associated reports.

  1. Click the Inventory module or press ALT + 3.
  2. On the bottom ribbon, click EDI or press F9.
  3. In the EDI Processing window, click Browse, and then select the Triple E invoice file to import.
  4. Click Process EDI file.
  5. As the file is processed, progress notes will appear in the window, and will state when EDI processing is completed.
  6. Optional:  To view, save, or print the progress notes, click Print log.
  7. Optional:  To view associated reports, click Reporting.

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Printed on: 10/19/21