Follow these steps to receive items from an EDI supplier that is set up for delayed EDI invoice updates.

Note: To set up this feature, contact Paladin Support  at This feature only applies to Ace, Jensen and EJD suppliers.

  1. On the top ribbon, click the Inventory module or press ALT+3.
  2. On the bottom ribbon, click EDI or press F9.
  3. In the EDI Processing window, click Reporting.  
  4. Enter a Start Date and End Date that include the original EDI invoice processing date, and then click Get EDI Records.
  5. In the list of invoices, the Rec column shows the received status of each invoice.
    This icon Means this
    Stock on hand has been updated by this invoice.
    Stock on hand has not been updated by this invoice.
  6. Highlight the invoice you want to receive, and then click Received Delayed SOH.


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Printed on: 6/28/22