1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Invoice/Quote module.
  3. Process an Invoice/Quote transaction.
  4. On the bottom ribbon, click the Store Transaction button.
  5. Select the Special Order, and then click Store.  A name for the special order will be automatically created.
    • If a customer was identified, that name and account number will be used.
    • If no customer was identified, you will be prompted to enter a customer name and phone number.
      Note: When you Store the special order, these results occur:
    • Every item on the special order is placed into the On Hold inventory quantity for those items, and that quantity is deducted from Stock on Hand. Moving forward, this special order behaves exactly like inventory on hold.
    • You can add a memo.  Example: Memo – Special Order from Supplier, Paladin Data
    • A purchase order is created for every item on the special order.
    • The special order cannot be modified or stored again.
  6. Open the P.O. module, and then click Recall PO.
  7. In the Recall Transaction window, select the first of the pending purchase orders that are labeled Special Order.
  8. Click Recall.Note: If you create a special order for an inventory item that has no Supplier one identified, the pending purchase order will be named Special Order ? Supplier Unknown. Choose the supplier.  No changes will occur to the inventory item(s), and the Supplier one field will remain blank.
  9. Review and complete the purchase order. The pending Special Order PO will be removed from the Recall PO list.


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Printed on: 10/22/18