1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. Click the Credit Cards tab.
  3. In the Gift Cards pane, make a note of this class ID for a future step: Ace Gift Card Class Number
    Note: These settings appear in light gray because they are read-only. If you need changes, email  support@paladinpos.com.
  4. Open the Inventory module.
  5. Search for and/or create the gift card SKUs in the following table and make sure that they have these values:
    • Part #: SKU from the table
    • Alt #: UPC’s from the table
    • Desc 1: Description from the table
    • Price: 0
    • Cost:
    • Taxable: Select this option if gifts cards are taxable at time of sale.  If gift cards are non-taxable at the time of sale, clear (do not select) this checkbox 
    • Class: Select the class from step 3 and lock the Classes pane (General tab)
    • Non-inventory check box selected (General tab)
      SKU UPC’s (barcodes) Description
      9024377 82901368199, 082901368199 ACE BRANDED GIFT CARD
      9024394 82901368236, 082901368236 ACE GIFT CARD L&G
      9024390 82901368229, 082901368229 ACE GIFT CARD PAINT
      9024391 82901368205, 082901368205 ACE GIFT CARD HOLIDAY
      9024395 82901368243, 082901368243 ACE GC MOTHER’S DAY
      9024396 82901368250, 082901368250 ACE GC FATHER’S DAY
      9024397 82901368267, 082901368267 ACE MERCH RETURN CARD
      9024392 82901368212, 082901368212 ACE GIFT CARD BIRTHDAY



If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.

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Printed on: 10/17/21