The following process is for Paladin clients that have a new online store with Volusion and that want to set up the Paladin Point of Sale integration with Volusion to:

  • Upload their inventory information to their online store.
  • Start syncing information between their online store and Paladin Point of Sale.

To learn more about Volusion and what they have to offer Paladin clients, click here

To learn more about the integration between Paladin Point of Sale and Volusion, click here

If you are ready to set up the Paladin Point of Sale integration with Volusion, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new email message.
  2. On the To: line, enter this: 
  3. On the subject line, enter this:
    Request to set up Volusion integration
  4. In the email content, copy and paste this text, and then replace the placeholder text YOUR-STORE-NAME with your store name:

    My store <YOUR-STORE-NAME> would like to set up the integration between Paladin Point of Sale and our Volusion online store.
    Import/Export URL:

  5. Keep this email open. In the next few steps, you will locate Import/Export URL and paste it in the email.
  6. Open a browser, and enter your admin URL. It will have this format:
  7. Sign in with your admin credentials.
  8. On the Inventory menu, click Volusion API.
    Select Volusion API on the menu
  9. Scroll down to the Generic section and click Volusion API Integration Help.
    Select Volusion API Integration Help
  10. In the instructions for options, select export, and then select Generic Products.
    Select Export and Generic Products
  11. In the list of email addresses, select the admin account to use for Volusion. 
  12. At the bottom of the page ,click URL with Query String and General Information for Importing and Exporting to expand the section. 
  13. Copy and paste the entire URL into the email.
    URL for client to copy
  14. Send the email to This will create a support case and initiate the integration setup process. A Paladin Support representative will email you back with next steps.


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Printed on: 1/15/21