• Speed Script must be on a Linux-based computer, and all Linux computers must be on the same network as Paladin terminals.
  • Speed Script prints a barcode on the prescription label.
  • Speed Script may have a bag label, but it cannot be scanned.
  • Call Customer Support: 800-444-2765 or DJ (the Speed Script developer) only when necessary: 913-894-6414 (x 317).
  • If a Paladin client wants to convert to Speed Script, ask the customer to contact DJ.

Barcode:  When you scan or manually type the barcode number on the prescription label, Paladin will recall from Speed Script the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Prescription number
  • Prescription price
  • Taxable status (yes/no)
  • Signatures that need to be captured (for example, HIPAA, Consult, and Bottle Cap Safety)
  • Speed Script ID number (which we put into our Rewards field)
  • Note that details additional items to be picked up (if any)
  • Credit limit of customer

Invoices: Speed Script stores and records all invoices, including the following:

  • ROA payments
  • OTC invoices
  • Returns (credit charge)
  • Prescription invoices

Note: An invoice that contains only one item, and is not a charge, will not be stored.

Credit limits: Whenever a prescription is scanned, or the checkout button is pressed while a customer is selected, Speed Script dictates and transfers it over on a per-invoice basis.

Additional pick-up information: Speed Script transfers the prescription over and creates a note in the invoice, which indicates whether other prescriptions are ready for the customer.

Accounts Receivable: If you follow one of these procedures, Paladin automatically queries and displays the account balance processed solely by Speed Script:

  • In the Customers module, click the Balances tab.
  • In the Invoice/Quote module, click Account Payment.

To set up Speed Script in Paladin:

  1. Call Justin Zumwalt at 913-894-6414 (x 321) to set up the integration on Speed Script’s end.
  2. Speed Script provides an IP address that resembles
  3. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup.
  4. Select the Pharmacy tab.
  5. Check Enable Pharmacy Features.
  6. In a Pharmacy Web Service Integration pane (there are three available), check Enable Pharmacy COM.
  7. In the Pharmacy COM Address field, enter the IP address provided by Speed Script.
  8. Check Enable Customer Available Credit
  9. Check Enable Send Full Invoice.
  10. In the Pharmacy Integration Options pane, in the  Pharmacy Items Tax list, select Pharmacy Setting.
  11. In Pharmacy Items Class box, enter the ID number (usually Class 2) of the RX class.
  12. Check Enable Family Checkout.
  13. Test the integration by scanning a prescription and checking it all the way out. Make sure the transaction information is sent back to Speed Script and that it can be recalled and viewed by Speed Script.

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Printed on: 5/20/22